First period since pregnancy and giving birth

One of the greatest things about being pregnant (other than being pregnant, duh) was never having to worry about a period. And in my postpartum state, because I have been actively breastfeeding and pumping, unless I was one of those rare, unlucky mothers, I could count on keeping my period at bay for at least six months according to my OB-GYN, or eight to nine months according to my mom friends. Well, I was able to be period-free for even longer than any of them guessed: I lasted 44.5 weeks, or 10.5 months, before finally getting my period today. Well, I don’t know if it’s an official period, per se, but I guess I will count it as one since it’s the first time I’ve had any menstrual anything since before pre-pregnancy. That means that the last period I ever had was in March 2021 — that was INCREDIBLE!!! That’s 19.5 months being PERIOD FREE! Weeee!

I had a feeling I was ovulating because this and last month, I saw discharge that was egg-white in consistency, which is a sign that ovulation is near and approaching. And my period coming back is also an explanation for why the last few days, my milk supply has decreased quite a bit. I wonder if I will be one of those lucky moms who have a temporary decrease in milk supply at certain points of their cycle, and then it goes right back up!

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