How quickly they grow out of clothes

The nanny was excited to see all of Kaia’s new clothes, both clothes I’d recently purchased as well as gifts that I finally pulled out of the drawers to have washed, as she finally fits a lot of these now. She looked at a number of the clothes labeled as “12 months” in size and held them against Kaia.

“12 months?! You may only get 1-2 wears out of some of these NOW, and she’s 10 months now!” the nanny exclaimed.

That’s funny to think about. When my baby was born, she was so small that she didn’t even fit her newborn clothes. I felt a little worried about it, but in the end, she grew well and gained weight at a healthy rate. And well… the upside of having a small baby is that they get more wears out of all their newborn to 0-3 month clothes! Amazingly, some of the Australian clothes she was gifted that are 0-3 months she still manages to fit!!!! These things run big and are stretchy!

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