Orthopedic doctor visit – again

I was finally able to make an appointment to get my mommy thumb condition checked out this Tuesday. After over 5 months of dealing with pain in both my thumbs, oftentimes sharp and sudden, hopefully I’ll get some help with it all this week. Based on everything I’ve read, a cortisone/steroid shot seems to be the only path to any real reduction of pain, especially now that we’ve seen that ibuprofen does little to nothing for me. But I was told by the receptionist that I’d need to rest my thumbs for the next several days to allow the area to heal, assuming that is the chosen course of treatment. She said no heavy lifting — including of a baby. And my baby is not little anymore. She’s probably about 20 pounds now!

It makes me wonder… how the hell do mothers do this without any help at all – from a spouse, a mother, a friend, a nanny??

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