Rainy weather

It’s been raining since Saturday, and it’s been quite miserable. I don’t consider myself someone who gets seasonal depression, but I do feel sad and more moody when we transition from summer to autumn, then autumn to winter every year, as the shorter days and longer nights always annoy me, not to mention the dip in temperature. And when it’s rainy and grey outside, there’s little to no incentive for me to get out for fresh air. And then, even though I only have to go down to the third floor for the gym, I don’t even feel like going. That’s super lazy, but it’s my general feeling. I struggle to bring myself to even want to go down 16 flights of stairs via an elevator. Talk about feeling bratty and making lame excuses.

But after a few days, I eventually emerge from it all and drag myself to the gym. And I feel good once I do and get mad at myself for my previous laziness. This happens literally every single year when the seasons change. I’m that predictable with my timed laziness. 😀

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