The shitty apology, wrapped in more manipulation

Surprising to all of us, my dad sent a text message saying he was sorry. Granted, I said he had to call, so of course he isn’t going to call and proceeded to do the half-assed action of texting. The text reads like this:

“I apologized. How about sending some pics or videos of Kaia before she end of with a broken heart! She complained of chest pain.”

First of all, that doesn’t really sound like a real apology. There is no acknowledgment of wrong doing, no sentiment of reflection that they did wrong or no expression of “I will never do this again.” That would be an adequate apology for a 5-year-old, not a 74-year-old. Also, was it really necessary to wrap it up with even more manipulative crap around my mom’s health and what I would be doing to wreck it?

There is really no end to the level of manipulation and “it’s all about me” with my parents.

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