Constant threats and a deleted half listened to voice message

It was unclear what my dad shared with my mom, but something got shared. And my mom sent me a text message asking me to call her last night, which I ignored. Then, she called and left a voice message. It went something like this:

“Yvonne, it’s me. Why are you doing this? You know, my health is not too good, and you will make it worse. The Bible says that children who are disobedient to their parents will face consequences…”

The voice message went on for another 25 seconds, but I didn’t listen to the rest of it because as soon as I heard that last line, I hung up and deleted the message. She’s pulling more of her manipulative, “it’s all about me” tactics and trying to guilt me to call her by blaming everything on me, once again, yet again. It’s always about her faux health and how everyone else’s actions make her health worse. It’s never about how she can help herself. It’s always about how other people wrong her and my dad, and they are these innocent, perfect beings who are just harmed by literally everyone else. Sure, the Bible does say that children should be obedient to their parents, but why should that even be relevant in this conversation when there’s nowhere in the Bible that says that parents can mistreat and constantly abuse their children? What consequences do parents who abuse their children face? Parents should face consequences for the awful actions they commit against their children. What does she have to say about that? Nothing, of course.

She can threaten me all she wants, but until I get an apology, she will never get what she wants.

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