Contact dermatitis

It’s been about six weeks of introducing Kaia to solid foods, and while I’ve been a little nervous about choking and allergens, it’s been an enjoyable process to watch her explore and play with foods, put them in her mouth, and see which ones she enjoys the most. It certainly requires a high level of patience to watch her play and throw food, not to mention the extreme mess everywhere and the cleanup, but I figure that this is an investment into her future of eating and being open-minded to everything and anything food-wise. I want her to have positive associations with food and not to be scared of trying new or different things.

This morning, after having oats with flax, tahini, egg, and peach, our nanny took Kaia out for their usual late morning outing. But she stopped in her tracks while in our building lobby when she noticed that Kaia had redness around her mouth and neck and brought her back up to the apartment.

She opened the door of the second bedroom, where I was working, which she normally doesn’t do unless she’s grabbing diapers or wipes. “Yvonne, look at Kaia’s face,” she said nervously. She looked as though she’d seen a ghost.

Kaia had little red bumps around the corners of her mouth and on her chin. In addition to that, her drool rash seemed like it had gotten redder since earlier in the morning. Despite all that, she was still babbling and smiling and being silly.

Our nanny said it may just be a reaction from the acid of the peach, but it could also mean she’s allergic, maybe to the peach or the tahini since it was only day 2 of tahini. She asked me to email the pediatrician for advice, and so I did that while also snapping a photo of Kaia’s face to share.

A few online sources also mentioned the temporary acid reaction. The doctor also replied soon after and said it’s likely just that — a temporary rash which is a reaction to the acidity of the fruit, which is very common. The doctor said it didn’t look like an allergy. It’s called contact dermatitis, and it tends to fade after a couple hours of eating the fruit culprit. Luckily for us, Kaia’s redness faded within the next couple of hours, and she seemed totally fine. I wasn’t as worried as our nanny, especially when I saw the baby’s mood. But I did have a moment of, “ummmmmm…. WHAT IS THIS? NOOOOOO.”

Okay, so maybe I should slow down the speed that I’m introducing solid foods and spices. I was going to mince up some lychee for her this afternoon, but I decided to hold off. She can have some foods she’s already had for the next day or so, and then we can introduce something new on Wednesday. I just want to make sure she’s comfortable and that I’m not being too aggressive.

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