Second time in a car seat or car

Today, Chris decided to get a Zipcar for a few hours so that we could make a Costco run and also go to Little Italy along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. We took the baby with us, as well. It was actually funny to think about the fact that in the nearly 19 weeks she’s been here, she’s only been in a car one time, and that was during her trip home from the hospital after discharge. When I took the car seat out to get ready for this quick trip, I even had to remove the newborn insert in the seat; she used it only once!!

This time, she’s obviously way more alert and aware of her surroundings than she was when she was only two days old, and barely even that. I wasn’t sure how she’d be while I buckled her into her five-point straps, but she wasn’t fussy in the least bit and actually seemed entertained. She enjoyed being in her car seat and even babbled a bit. She definitely looked and sounded very comfortable.

And it’s a good thing that they make car seats like ours without a base being required because if we had to install a base into every single rental car, that would be absolutely frustrating and annoying.

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