When a full-day nanny trial ends after 1 hour.

Today’s trial ended after an hour. I sent this trial nanny on her merry way home with a $20 bill.

We agreed to a full day trial from 10am to 8pm. I texted her to confirm all the details and debriefed all the expectations on a call. I asked her if she had any questions. She said she was good to go.

She arrived promptly at 10am and seemed very stiff. After giving her a tour of the apartment, she told me that she needs to leave by 6pm; if she were to stay until 8pm, we’d need to pay for her cab ride back home to Far Rockaway. “This area is dangerous, and a lot of bad things are happening with the train,” she said.

Ummmm, I told her that we agreed to have her stay until 8pm. She said it was fine originally. It clearly wasn’t, yet she didn’t want to tell me that over the phone. I was not paying for her cab ride home. And I did not appreciate her lack of communication.

Clearly Kaia was not a fan. She is always happy after her 10am feed, yet with this trial nanny, she cried endlessly until I took her from the woman. The trial nanny said my baby just doesn’t like her because she’s a stranger.

No, my baby does not get stranger danger. She’s way too young for that. She lets everyone hold her.

I told the trial nanny that clear communication was key, and that she definitely was not going to be a fit because of this, and that she should leave. She washed the bottle she fed Kaia with, used the bathroom, took my $20 bill, and left.

We’re already 0 for 2 now. This is going to be a very, very painful process.

“Babies sense when there are bad people around,” my friend said. “Kaia probably knew this nanny was bad.”

Probably. That’s a good baby.

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