First nanny trial

Today was the first nanny trial, and it was… not good. She is NOT someone I would entrust caring for my baby, even in the next room. Here are the notes:

  1. Not comfortable with mixing formula – she was a deer with headlights when I asked if she’d done this before.
  2. Forgot to change diaper before 5pm feed until I asked her.
  3. Did not read signs of fatigue to put down for nap; she actually refused to let the baby nap when she was clearly showing signs that she was tired!
  4. Confused spit up for throw up. These are NOT the same thing.
  5. Too much holding and not enough engagement
  6. Did not read signs of pre-teething to soothe even though she was warned
  7. Bath was too cold and not enough water
  8. Did not write meticulous notes on feeds, poops and pees as I requested; forgot the amounts she fed baby and asked ME how much the baby ate.

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