When the night nurse comes during the day

Given that our baby is slowly starting to sleep longer stretches at night, we have finally gotten her to a point where she can sleep up to about 5 AM, which… Kind of makes having a night nurse a little bit redundant. We did not necessarily want to forgo paid support completely, and so we asked our night nurse to come during the day this Friday. Okay, we did not ask her to come during the day; Chris asked her to come during the day. He asked her to come during that particular day because the weather was supposed to be good and that would mean that we could be out and about… But not together because he happened to have lunch plans with his colleagues. That was great planning as you can see. 

However, I am still pumping every four hours, and so while I am comfortable using my portable pump with my wearable cups, I still need to think about logistics of the cups getting set up and taken off, as well as milk storage. I have to think about clean bathrooms where I can lay out all of my pump parts, empty out the milk into bottles, and safely store the milk. Having a wearable pump is not necessarily as convenient as I originally thought it would be. I suppose if I drove and had a car, it would be a little easier, as I could do all this in my car, plus keep a cooler in my fridge with ice for the milk storage, but it is what it is. It’s fine if I just go out for a couple hours and come back to my apartment, but if I am going from place to place, the logistics tend to be a bit more iffy. And what I am really eager to do is to go down to Chinatown and stock up on a bunch of pantry items, freezer staples, fresh Asian fruit and vegetables as well as bakery items. But honestly? Chinatown is probably one of the worst places that I can think of when it comes to… Clean, spacious bathrooms where I would be comfortable taking apart my pump and handling my baby’s food. And I also want to get a pedicure because I would really like to have my nails polished, but I cannot deal with doing them myself. So we will see how the day goes.

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