Murasaki Hojicha Diagonal Thi

When we were deciding on names, it was a bit of a debate to say the least. Chris really wanted something for our child that was unique and also represented something about us or something we liked. So he settled on the name Murasaki Hojicha Diagonal Thi (Wong Jacob). We both like the color purple, he said, and he studied Japanese for a number of years and we like Japanese culture, so Murasaki could be her first name. Added bonus: Murasaki is also the name of the first female novelist (from Japan) who wrote the famous book Tale of Genji, and so there’s some good history and feminism attached to this. Hojicha… not sure what his rationale was for this, but that just sounds good and cute, plus it means roasted green tea, which is one of my favorite teas. For Diagonal, Chris hates crossing the street at crosswalks and prefers to do a diagonal whenever possible (and thus jay walk), and so a middle name of Diagonal would be fitting. Plus my middle name is passed down on my mom’s side, and the baby’s name would be complete in his opinion.

Granted, this is not her official name as we all know, but it’s what he thinks is her *real* unofficial name. So, in the morning, he calls her “morning Murasaki,” and once noon hits, she is then dubbed “afternoon Hoji.” It’s a cute transition and a cute name, but it just shows how quirky (and ridiculous) my husband is.

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