Poops and blowouts

I was having a chat with a friend about how life with the baby has been going. One of the questions that she asked me during our chat was how many blowouts the baby has had since coming home. I told her that since in the beginning, she was having trouble gaining weight because we were not feeding her enough without being aware, and so her poops were not that big or that frequent. And now, she tends to only poop every 2 to 3 days, and once or twice has needed manual stimulation by our night nurse. So up until this point, blowouts were the last thing on my mind that we would be dealing with. Well, about two days after this conversation happened, my baby had a blowout, her very first one. I was sitting in bed with her in my lap and reading a book to her in the evening. She seemed engaged and quite happy. And then out of nowhere, she started farting very loudly and then a wet one came… Where you know that it is definitely an actual poop that came out with a fart. About a minute or two later, I felt dampness on my arm and she had a look of relief on her face, and I knew that the blowout had come. I immediately went to take off her clothes, remove her soiled diaper, and clean her up. We had to take out our cleaning bucket and pour water into it along with her dirty onesie to soak. And that was a very soiled diaper, with mustard seedy poop all over and outside of it. 

Chris was a little amused by the situation and said that this was all my friend’s fault. If she had never asked us about whether we had had a blowout with the baby, then the blowout never would have come! I told him that that is not really how it works, and he insisted that it was all because of this conversation. Regardless, I had a feeling that many more blowouts were on their way because… what baby does not have any blowouts??

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