Being able to see down there again

During pregnancy, I knew that my belly was getting bigger, but it didn’t really hit me how big I was getting until I looked down one day when I was in the shower, and I could no longer see my nether regions. I noticed this, and I immediately realized that I was no longer going to be able to shave my pubic hair the way I used to and that I would now need to start using a mirror to make sure that I did not have a painful accident. Doctors will always tell you that during the end of pregnancy, you should stop shaving or removing hair in your pubic region at around the 36 week mark assuming that you get that far. The reason for this is that if you end up having a C-section, whether that is  elective or out of necessity, it’s to prevent any infections from happening. Because whether you are aware of it or not, when you shave yourself down there, you are actually nicking yourself in tiny ways all over, and this could result in some transfer of unwanted fluids during a C-section and getting sewn up after. 

So I looked at myself down there about a week after Kaia was born, and I noticed that I could finally see everything again. I was able to shave myself, and I had full visibility. My stomach had shrunken quite a bit, but not all the way… or maybe that was just fat that I built up to protect the womb during pregnancy. Regardless, I was getting closer to being my pre-pregnancy self. It was actually a really good feeling… Other than the fact that I could still see a very defined linea nigra running down my belly through my belly button. I’ve read that could take up to a year to fully disappear, so we shall see.

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