Antenatal hand expression of colostrum – first time failure

I finally ordered the little syringes that Chris’s cousin’s wife told me about to attempt to capture hand expressed colostrum before Pookie Bear arrives. So today, I sterilized the little syringes and attempted to express colostrum. I took a warm shower and thus heated my breasts, massaged them, and then tried to do the “C” shape around them to express colostrum… and well, nothing happened. It was a failure. Later in the evening, I tried again, this time warming my breasts up with a hot hand towel and massaging them, and still nothing. I was dismayed, but there’s no way I’m going to stop trying. I really want this to work. While I’ve read that even if you cannot do this successfully before the baby comes that this has zero bearing on whether you will be successful at breastfeeding, I still am determined to do this. I just need to focus on getting the technique right and continuing to try, as I’ve read that many other women struggled for the first several days of attempting a few times a day, and then miraculously as though out of nowhere, a few drops actually came out. And a few drops are all you really need each expressing session. The breast stimulation, if nothing else, is still supposed to help with future milk production, and so I’m hoping all this effort will be worth it.

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