Prenatal massage indulgence #2

I’m in week 38 of pregnancy, and I’m indulging in what will likely be my last prenatal massage before the baby comes. All my friends and Chris have thought I’ve been cheap about indulging in experiences like this, but hey, at least I booked a second massage given my piriformis muscle has been giving me issues in the last couple of weeks. It has not been as debilitating as the sciatica, but it’s definitely slowed me down and made simple things like squatting down to pick up items or even sitting down and getting out of a chair momentarily painful.

Yesterday, I went to get another prenatal massage with the same masseuse I saw in October, and I told her about my piriformis muscle pains in my butt. While she did spend more time on it for me, she said that unfortunately, the only “solution” for this was the baby coming out. As my hips continue to widen in preparation for labor and birth, this would cause more stress on my lower back and butt muscles and nerves, which is inevitably what is causing the pains in my butt. She said she was pretty sure the pain was manifesting itself in my piriformis, but it’s likely that the piriformis wasn’t just it when it came to the nerve compression; it was just my right butt cheek entirely.

It’s okay, though. All these little nuisances are worth it as long as my little Pookie Bear comes out healthy and happy.

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