Travel magnets are up in our kitchen

Since we moved into this new apartment in our same building, we haven’t had our magnet boards up in our kitchen as we did in the last apartment. When Chris first attempted to put one up in the last kitchen in 2017, I insisted to him that it was crooked. He didn’t agree and insisted it was straight, and so we had to have our building handyman/friend come to intervene and give his opinion… which was that it was obviously crooked. Since our handyman friend is, well, a handyman, he does this kind of task very quickly and easily, so he graciously and generously installed all three magnet boards for us in our last apartment. So we were waiting for him to come to install these in our new place, too. The only issue is that there are some work politics here where his counterpart has been lazy and handing off a lot of jobs to him, so in the last several months, he hasn’t had time to come visit and hang out, and thus hasn’t had time to help us install the magnet boards. When he was asking me about how my belly was doing and expressing how excited he was to meet our little one soon, I told him that if he wanted to give the baby a gift, he could come install the magnet boards this weekend. And apparently it worked: he showed up! 😀

He put all three of them up, two of them being in our kitchen right where my happy place is, and I couldn’t believe how happy I was to see them up; it just felt like we had really, finally moved in and like our kitchen was actually whole once again! Since he helped put them up, I keep looking up at them to admire all the places we’ve been to, and I can’t wait to continue adding more magnets to the third board in the second bedroom with little Pookie Bear accompanying us soon.

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