As the days slowly shorten

Chris was especially eager to get out of the house around noon today because as the days progress, and as October ends, this ultimately means that the days are only getting shorter and shorter. Daylight Savings Time will sadly be ending next weekend. So our daylight hours are more limited, and sooner rather than later, it will be 4pm and completely pitch black outside, which is something that makes me feel a little bit depressed every single year, no fail. And while most years before last year, we had a Thanksgiving in Europe and a summer in the Southern Hemisphere to look forward to, currently, we have zero trips planned… other than to the hospital to welcome Pookie Bear into our lives.

We went to Williamsburg and Green Point today, and Chris kept pointing out all the babies, strollers, and little kids running around in the Halloween costumes that their parents dressed them in. We’re at a point now where I can pretty much call out with high accuracy nearly every stroller brand that passes us. Chris does not embrace Halloween or Thanksgiving. He thinks Halloween is only fun when there is a place to go to to show off what you are dressed up in, and he thinks traditional Thanksgiving food is boring and bland (well, that’s why we tend to put our own Asian spins on these “classic” dishes). But in the future, I do hope to introduce Pookie Bear to Halloween costumes and how to carve a pumpkin because I love pumpkin carving (especially with the right tools!). While I don’t really care about dressing up in costume, who could possibly say that babies and kids aren’t adorable in costume? And I want my little baby to know Thanksgiving foods and how her mom likes to change them up, even if it’s just a few of us eating together. Good food should be part of every family gathering. And yes, at the same time, she should also know the terrible history of Thanksgiving, too, not the white-washed version.

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