Glucose test #2; please don’t be positive

This morning, I skipped my usual gym session and instead walked across Central Park up to the Upper East Side for my second glucose test. I abstained from having any refined sugar in the two days leading up to this test for good luck and even subbed brown basmati rice for the usual long grain white rice I use in fried rice in my Monday cooking, as well. I figured none of this could hurt, right?

Well, the instructions I was given over the phone by the doctor’s assistant were wrong. While I thought that I’d come in at 9am, do a baseline blood draw, drink another bottle of sickly glucola, and have my blood redrawn at 10am, what ended up happening was that I had to have FOUR blood draws total: One at 9am for a baseline, then one again each at 10am, 11am, then 12am after the glucola consumption. When I expressed dismay at having to come back at 11am, the nurse was confused. “Didn’t tell they you over the phone that it would be three hours?” No one told me this!! I had meetings that I ended up having to skip, and with a crappy signal in the doctor’s office, I ended up leaving to wander around the Upper East Side and Central Park before blood draws to get fresh air and an internet signal.

So after the fourth and final blood draw, the nurse let me know that I could finally eat (you have to fast during this!), but “nothing sugary,” and that my results would be available tomorrow. Little did she know that I had already stopped by Tal Bagel for a toasted everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese, and I was very much looking forward to diving into it after I left the office. While a bagel is not quite on the gestational diabetic’s list of friendly foods to eat, I did not care; I had not eaten anything since 5:30pm the previous night, and I was so famished that I could feel myself getting light headed walking back from Tal to the doctor’s office for my final noon blood draw.

Now, I just have to hope and pray: please do not have gestational diabetes. Please do not have gestational diabetes. Please, please, please.

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