Sharing about the pregnancy

Given the ongoing pandemic situation, even with cities and businesses reopening, it’s been really easy to not share about my pregnancy. I work from home and will do so as long as I work at the company I’m at, so I have no colleagues to “hide” from. Even if you saw me, if I wore loose clothing, you’d never guess I was pregnant.

So when I was having a friendly chat with one of our doormen last week, he asked “how the family” was doing. I told him everything was good. Then he awkwardly looked around and looked at me and said, “okay, okay… If you’re not gonna say nothin,’ then I’m not gonna say nothin’.” I guess that was the cue for me to share my news, so I told him.

“Oh, THANK GOD!” he exclaimed, sighing loudly. “I thought you were, but you never know… CONGRATULATIONS!”

Yep, I’m not getting fat. I’m pregnant. 🙂

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