When your bras don’t fit the same

In the last few weeks, I can definitely tell that my breasts and areolas have been getting larger. A few times, I’ve looked in the mirror and wondered if I was really actually looking at myself; those boobs definitely did NOT look like mine! My body has been changing slowly and surely due to pregnancy, and it’s been interesting to watch and feel the changes. The female body is so incredibly complex; I’ve only really started appreciating it daily because of being pregnant.

While running on a treadmill with my usual sports bra, for the very first time a few weeks ago, I could feel my breasts moving up and down, which was not a comfortable feeling at all. Being an A-cup all my life until now, “coverage” and “support” didn’t really mean that much to me… until now. Some of my sports bras to date just are not going to cut it with my breasts getting larger, so I’m going to have to invest in some new support. In addition, when dressing this morning, I tried to put on my one strapless bra, and I could tell it was getting snug and that my breasts barely fit it anymore. A bra extender wouldn’t even help with this as the actual cups are just a tad too small now.

These are the marvels of the female body while growing a new tiny human being. I’m really in awe of what my body is capable of.

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