Pregnancy symptoms continued

To date, I’d say that I’ve been pretty lucky with my pregnancy symptoms. I have only had two short bouts of nausea, a little bit of dizziness when getting up quickly out of bed or my chair, and the bloating I felt after eating regular-sized meals seems to have subsided after I took some online advice and reduced the size of my meals as well as ate smaller snacks throughout the day. The strangest feeling from a pregnancy symptom perspective is definitely the burning and sore hips. It was so foreign when I first felt it, but now I understand why it happened.

I’m still peeing a lot; in the last few days, I still need to wake up 2-4 times per night to use the restroom. It’s inconvenient, but I suppose it could be a lot worse. I’ve had some feeling of round ligament pain. My breasts are still always sore, especially in the morning, and they’ve been getting quite large for me. I can’t even recognize my areolas! This breast size increase would have been really helpful for me when I was a teen, always trying on clothes that never seemed to fit properly on the chest for me and constantly getting frustrated by this.

This week in particular, I’ve also felt more tension and tightness around my lower abdomen. According to the pregnancy week by week tracker, week 12, which is what we’re in now (!!), is the week where stomach and lower abdomen tightness is normal, as the uterus is supposed to be gradually moving up from the lower abdomen into the forefront of where my stomach is.

My fatigue has been fading thankfully, which is also supposed to be normal as I near the end of the first trimester. Energy increase is supposed to happen as the second trimester approaches. I’m looking forward to see how my body changes and documenting it, fingers crossed.

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