COVID vaccine, dose 2

This morning, I went to CVS to get my second COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine. I was a little wary of getting it, especially after hearing that some people had really adverse reactions ranging from chills to muscle aches to even fever. Fever during the first trimester of your pregnancy can be pretty damaging to your baby; during this period, your embryo is growing and developing its brain and basic body structure, so it’s been said that a mother having a fever can actually result in brain damage to her unborn child. So based on this, any expectant mother would do whatever she could to avoid getting a fever.

I didn’t have any adverse reactions to the first dose, which sounded relatively normal based on what I’d heard; I just had soreness at the injection site. With this shot, it took about 4-5 hours for me to develop soreness where the shot was administered, but somehow at the end of the day, I still feel fine. I wonder if this is actually going to last. And this better not hurt my baby in any way.

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