Exploring Midwood, Brooklyn

Today, Chris took us to Midwood to explore the area, and our first stop was DiFara’s Pizza. Once upon a time, when I still lived in Elmhurst, I had traveled to Midwood twice to have the famous DiFara’s pizza. Then, every single pie was handmade by the original DiFara grandpa, which was why the waits were always so crazy long. Once upon a time, they had only a few seats indoors, and zero air conditioning during the summer. That has since changed. I did a pizza making class for a work event there in 2019, and not only did they have AC and pizza making classes, but not all the pizzas were made by the same one man show anymore! And this time, when we went, they even sold pizza by the slice! We got a slice each of mushroom and sun dried tomato, and everything about these slices was perfect. The sun dried tomatoes were extra fat and juicy. I don’t know how I will feel if one day, we leave New York. The pizza experience will never quite be the same.

One downside of exploring Midwood on a Saturday, though, is that because the area is heavily Jewish, pretty much all the Jewish businesses were closed for the sabbath. No bakeries or restaurants or bagels for us to try out. I suppose next time, we”ll just need to go there on a Sunday.

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