Twinges and dull soreness

Since yesterday evening, I started feeling a dull kind of soreness around my lower back and hips. I’ve eased up my exercise routine quite a bit since the transfer. The clinic suggested I forgo any rigorous exercise up until the day of my beta-HCG test. Since that day, I’ve mostly stuck with brisk walking on “hills” on the treadmill, elliptical for cardio, light yoga (no twisting or anything that could cause me to fall, they said), plus arm and leg exercises. So I knew that any soreness was not due to working out.

I experienced twinges last Monday, the day of the transfer, and a little of it the day after. The soreness I am experiencing now is often thought to be one of many pregnancy symptoms. But I don’t even know whether I should trust my body and any symptoms I believe I may or may not be experiencing. It could all just be psychosomatic. Maybe if I want to “feel” pregnant, my body will just make up the symptoms and tell my head to believe them. I’m at a point now where I can no longer trust my body to do anything on its own in the realm of reproductivity and just have to go by the actual facts… which leads to the HCG test tomorrow.

Who would have ever thought that nine days could go by so freaking slowly. It’s truly the worst wait.

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