Appreciation and affection

If there is one thing that my friend who is staying with us is, she’s extremely affectionate. She never hesitates to express her appreciation for you as a friend or a person in her life. She’s eager to hug, kiss, pick you up, nuzzle you, do anything to show she adores you. It’s one of the biggest reasons I love and appreciate her so much. She always expresses how thankful she is for the tiniest things you do for her, even if you just gave her a sticker that reminded you of her that you got for free at work. She’s the last person in the world I know who would take anyone for granted.

I’ve been cooking for all of us since she’s been staying with us for the last week, and while I don’t think I’ve made anything particularly out of the ordinary or laborious for me, she’s clearly been loving all of it. Every time I cook, she expresses how tasty things are and lets me know what she especially likes or finds addictive. She obsessed over the simple pea shoot stir fry I made. Even the crispy scallions that I made for the mushroom scallion oil noodles was something she marveled and went nuts over. It always feels nice to see how much people relish my cooking. I’m actually going to miss cooking for her and seeing her reactions once she eventually finds her own place. I really don’t mind her staying with us. If anything, I really enjoy the extra company and socializing. It’s been over a year of being locked down in this apartment, so it’s nice to have someone else around regularly here.

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