Salted duck egg yolk products

Today, we took the day off, and Chris rented a Zip Car to take us to the Long Island City location of Costco. I hadn’t been to this location likely since 2010, and it had changed quite a bit: the products on offer seem a lot more Asian, and I cannot remember the fact that the ready to eat food was in a totally separate location than the regular merchandise. There’s an entire halal meat section, plus a freezer section that seemed to just be for different styles of Asian noodles and dumplings. In addition, there’s an entire section for local and niche craft beers, so we picked up two types, one of which is a small New York State brewery.

One item that has been particularly trendy across Asia in the last couple of years has been salted duck egg yolk products, and they’ve slowly made their way over to the U.S. A few of the Asian bakeries and restaurants have been selling them, but I hadn’t been compelled to buy any of the products just yet until I saw a whole box of salted egg yolk cookies at Costco – 60 individually wrapped cookies for just shy of $10. If I remember, a small bag of similar cookies at a bakery were $6. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to this, especially since if I didn’t like it, I’d have a lot of cookies lying around, but Chris insisted that I just get it. I mean, to the point I made a few posts ago…. I’m not traveling or indulging in anything else, so why not buy it now?! So we picked it up and added it to what ended up being our $435 Costco haul. On average, we probably spend anywhere from $300-450 at Costco once per quarter, so this is pretty normal for us. I will report back when I try these cookies.

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