On the market for new knives

So, I’m on the market for a new everyday knife. While washing dishes the other day, I dropped the santoku style knife I usually use for everyday cutting/chopping, and the blade detached from the handle. Clearly, this was a glue issue, and while I’m sure there is a way to fix it, Chris reminded me that he’s had these knives for nearly 11 years now. He got a crazy good deal on Amazon for them (A 4-knife set plus a block.. for $25???????!!!!!), and so maybe it is finally time to invest in a new knife set or at least one new all-purpose knife. I don’t have any love, attachment, or hate for any of these knives; they have served their purpose, and I use them because I am practical and will use what we have. I don’t consider them remarkable or incredible in any sense. But if I am going to buy a new knife, I want to make sure it’s a really, really good knife.

Since maybe five years ago, I started reading about different Japanese knives, and I knew I wanted Global knives since they would be light weight (hollow handled), super sharp, relatively easy to maintain (some Japanese knives are impossible to maintain without constant professional sharpening), and they weren’t insanely expensive. As an added bonus, I read an article where Anthony Bourdain lamented how insanely expensive (and thus stupid) so many knife brands on the market are, and that that’s why he appreciated and loved Global knives so much because the price point was just right, and they were excellent quality. I was sold.

So now, the debate is… do we invest in a whole new set of 4-5, or just get a Global santoku? But apparently, the debate has been made even more colorful because Chris doesn’t understand why I am stuck on Global brand knives and insists I should consider the Amazon basics line of knives or other Japanese knife brands he quickly glanced at on Amazon. My whole thing is… I am rarely, rarely brand-devoted to ANYTHING outside of airlines and hotels (and that’s because I benefit from loyalty). I even gave up my obsession with Le Creuset and Staub dutch ovens and enameled cast iron because I appreciate and get so much use out of my Amazon Basics dutch oven, which only cost $30 courtesy of his aunt and uncle. Can’t I just be allowed one thing to have brand love for, and if that one thing is KNIVES, then that seems pretty damn practical, right?

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