Subconscious and dreams

Chris loves to harp on me and tell me that because I tend to think negative thoughts, it’s no wonder that I oftentimes have dreams that are full of conflict. I’m usually fighting with someone, having a passive aggressive interaction with another person, or even beating someone. The funny thing about this is that this actually hasn’t happened in a few months. I haven’t remembered any dream that has any real conflict in it. Now, I tend to have dreams about relatively benign or everyday things: going grocery shopping, sorting through items in the cupboard, even measuring out ingredients.

But then, last night, I had a weird dream that did not sit well: my mom called to tell me she got diagnosed with cancer. It felt so real when it happened that I actually thought it was real… until I woke up. And then, when I woke up, I wondered whether my mom actually DID have cancer and just wasn’t telling me.. because that actually sounds like something she would do in real life… and not tell me until it was too late.

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