Discovering new music via TikTok

Around the time of my college years, I stopped following music or specific singers and groups because it just no longer interested me. I stopped reading tabloids and celebrity magazines, even though my friends continued to discuss and read stuff like that. All that stuff bored me to tears. Why do I care about what a bunch of strangers are doing with their lives when I should be focused on my own life and where it’s going?

But given I don’t really listen to the radio unless I’m in a store, the rare time I’m in a car, or at another person’s home, this makes it hard to discover new music. Welp, in a day and age of TikTok, now I seem to be finding new songs I like through TikTok. And I’m apparently not the only person. The other day, I was briefly scrolling through my TikTok feed at different Christmas videos, and someone posted a video that had a Sia song called “Snowman” playing, and in just 15 seconds, I was hooked. Something about the tune and the raw sound of her voice just caught my attention, so I went to add it to my YouTube and Spotify lists, and also went on YouTube to see the lyrics. I scrolled through a few of the comments, and someone wrote, “Who else found this song on TikTok and came here to listen to the whole song?” And at least 90 people gave this comment a thumb’s up.

All of our habits are becoming the same thanks to social media.

While listening to “Snowman” over and over in a very Ed-esque style of listening to music, I realized that unlike other artists, I actually had no idea what Sia looked like. So I quickly looked her up and found that she purposely hides her face with big wigs. She apparently was very overwhelmed with her rise to fame and spiraled into drugs, alcohol, and depression. While out for coffee with a friend one day, a fan interrupted their conversation to ask for a photograph with her… all while her friend was trying to reveal to her that she had cancer. She was left traumatized by this experience.

I think that if Ed were alive today, he’d like Sia’s sound and music a lot. He would likely be hooked on “Snowman,” too. He probably wouldn’t like her wigs very much, though.

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