Authentic Chinese food on the Upper West Side

One of the mini panics I had at the beginning of the pandemic was, obviously, food related: if we were expected to stay at home and not take the subway anywhere, then how would I be able to get all my needed Asian ingredients, which I usually go downtown to Chinatown for, or Jackson Heights in Queens. Most of the better and more authentic Asian restaurants are further downtown, in the East Village, Lower East Side, and Manhattan Chinatown. But more and more as we’ve noticed, more authentic Asian restaurants seem to be cropping up further uptown, including Yu Kitchen at around 100th and Broadway on the Upper West Side. Chris placed an order via Uber Eats for the first time from this spot, and we were pleasantly surprised, not just regarding the quality of the food, but also the sheer amount of food we got. What we thought would last a couple days looks like it was enough to feed a small army of people for several days! The tray of chicken feet was probably three times the size of the usual takeout container. The spicy bone-in chicken is likely enough to feed us for over a week. And the quality of the stir-fried pea shoots was high — Chris commented several times how delicious they were. And for the portion size, the prices were more than reasonable.

While I was pleasantly surprised about the quality and the portion of food, in the back of my mind, I get worried about places like this. Would they be so good and so generous that they may end up not making any money and being forced to go out of business?

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