Holidays at Costco

Since we had a car yesterday, we also decided to make a needed stop at Costco. We go to Costco about once per quarter, and so it was finally time to come back and stock up on staples such as toilet paper, meat, nuts, frozen items, and of course, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I had almost forgotten how much I love visiting Costco during the holiday season. Growing up, I always went with my parents to Costco, and the period between Halloween and Christmas was always the best time to go because Costco would have the most elaborate holiday setups, from Halloween costumes to Christmas decorations and gift sets. I love the endless rows of Christmas chocolates and cookies they have, plus the elaborate meat and cheese gift baskets they always have lined up. Even though I personally never buy them, simply seeing them always gets me feeling happy and a little giddy. When at home, occasionally my dad used to indulge and get a few Christmas chocolate or cookie tins; our favorites were always the Belgian chocolate biscuit tins. But with Chris and me, it seems a bit too indulgent to get these items… especially since Chris is pretty happy with his Arnott’s biscuits. There’s no way I’d never eat all these myself before they became stale.

One pleasant surprise we saw in the produce section were rambutans — my lovely red-haired, hard-shelled Southeast Asian fruit. These actually were not grown in Asia, but actually in Honduras, and the shells looked more reddish-brown color rather than the usual magenta-deep red hue. I can’t wait to eat these!

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