Election Day 2020

Welp. The day we’ve all either been dreading or waiting for has finally arrived: U.S. Election Day is finally today, and if you are American and have not either submitted your absentee ballot or completed early voting, you should be headed to the polls today for various local and state level elections, as well as the presidential vote. I’d been feeling pretty anxious in the last few days leading up to today, and I can say with total honesty that I feel pretty uneasy today.

As we both had the day off since our respective companies gave Election Day off, we both didn’t have (paid) work to do, so instead, I spent most of the day working on my social media, filming a new video, and making pumpkin spice lattes and Vietnamese roasted chicken. Yet somehow, even focusing on food and inhaling all the delicious smells in our apartment wasn’t enough to qualm my anxiety. In general, since November 2016, I’ve pretty much lost faith in the American electorate. I do not trust that Americans are smart enough to vote for their own interests instead of against their own interest. I also don’t trust that those who should know better would cast votes for everyone and not just for their own selfish interests (hello, Republicans in the Senate and House — thanks for being all about “party over people” the last four years). While everyone always says that education is key to helping people make informed votes, I would actually argue that sometimes, too much information can render people paralyzed, and thus they will completely disengage and make snap decisions based on random feelings they have about very specific issues or political situations. And snap decisions… are never a good thing.

And now, we wait. And wait.

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