Safe trick-or-treating this Halloween

Today, we went back to Brooklyn and explored the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Lots of houses and brownstones were decked out in Halloween decoration, ranging from festively cut jack-o-lanterns to witches to cats with moving and glowing eyes. What was particularly sweet that we saw were some houses that still wanted to participate in the trick-or-treating experience for kids, but in a safe way: they laid out buckets of candy for kids at their doors or gates for anyone to come and take as they wished. Who knows how many kids would show up, or if others may even hoard the candy since no one was actively watching, but this gesture really just made me smile.

We didn’t witness this, but Chris noticed that the Gothamist posted on their Instagram feed that some who chose to “pass out” candy were so creative as to attach tiny parachutes to their candy and treats bags to give to trick-or-treating kids. That’s certainly a “contactless” way to enjoy the fun of trick-or-treating, both from the giver and receiver’s end!

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