Alcohol at our apartment during the pandemic

Alcohol consumption at home has skyrocketed throughout the pandemic, as you are probably not surprised at all about. While many previously relied on socializing at bars, restaurants, and clubs throughout the world and buying their alcohol that way, all that came to a halt once the pandemic forced these “non-essential” businesses to close their doors temporarily. In a panic, people around the world started stocking up on alcohol. Local liquor and wine shops were in a state of bliss: the demand was going crazy, and they were the beneficiaries of the pandemic paranoia. Some liquor and wine shops even experienced shortages and would have to close early just because they ran out of product!

Our home alcohol consumption has increased, as well, so I guess we are also contributing to these numbers. Chris has been perusing different whiskys to taste, and he’s also been looking for some of our favorite wine and liquor brands that are in Australia to see if they are available here. Most notably, D’Arenberg wine (mmmmm, Australian shiraz) from Maclaren Vale in South Australia was found at a local wine shop, which Chris promptly ordered. He also managed to find one of our favorite gins from Australia available here, Four Pillars. Not only that, but there was an added bonus: they had specifically made a varietal of gin that is only being distributed in the U.S.!

Yep, there’s no shortage of botanicals and alcohol at our apartment. So, come on over. 😀

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