Best Sicilian slice in New York City

About two summers ago, I finally dragged Chris all the way out to Gravesend in Brooklyn to try one of New York City’s pizza institutions, L&B Spumoni. L&B is famous not just for their standard triangle slice, but also their Sicilian slice. In addition to that, they’re famous for their spumoni, a molded gelato/ice cream that usually has a few different flavors. While the triangle slice was fun, the grandma slice… did not live up to its hype, and what’s worse is that the spumoni was just downright artificially colored and flavored and had zero redeeming qualities.

Well, Chris has held a grudge against me since then. He was mad that he traveled all that way for subpar pizza, and so today, we finally went to Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint, which has been around for only about 10 years, and we had one triangle slice and one “upside down Sicilian slice.” The upside down Sicilian slice, also known as “Freddy Prince,” was a work of art — likely the best Sicilian slice I’d had in my life. It was studded with Romano and mozzarella cheese, had a layer of sweet, tangy tomato sauce, and the crust was truly the winner: it was toasty, studded with toasted sesame seeds. I could not get over the crusty base of the pizza; it was just downright addictive. I almost wish we had gotten two slices of just the Freddy Prince. Chris agreed that this was an amazing slice of pizza, and I declared that this was the best Sicilian slice in all of New York. I even made an Instagram reel with a love letter as an ode to Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop.

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