Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Gluten-free Ramen

With all the leftover Tom Yum Soup that I made a few days ago, I figured this would be a good broth to have with the Lotus Foods brand gluten-free rice ramen I picked up from Costco a few months ago during our quarterly haul. So no, I am not gluten-free, nor will I ever be, and I actually think leading a gluten-free lifestyle when you actually do NOT have a gluten allergy is just bad for your health and bad for society at large. The real reason I was attracted to this at Costco when I saw it was just the idea that the label said that the texture is just like regular ramen (which is made with wheat, and sometimes eggs), but it’s made from brown rice and millet only. It’s organic, gluten-free, and vegan naturally. Plus, it only takes about three minutes to cook!

Well, the label wasn’t lying: it was really quick cooking, and the texture really was just like regular ramen! I liked the bite as well as the texture and taste of the noodles. I didn’t even miss the wheat or eggs. I’d definitely buy this again, but since this is Costco sized, we still have ten servings left!

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