Video editing delayed

With five straight days of work, that ultimately left me too drained to finish my video in time to publish it today. So I ended up having to overcompensate and spend five hours this evening editing my video to upload to YouTube, and it’s still not done; I still need to adjust volume, color, and add music. This social media/YouTube channel work really is like a full time job, except now, I have two full time jobs that I’m trying to succeed at. It’s not even just the process of editing the video to consider; there’s also creative edits that you have to spend time and energy thinking about so that not everything is in order and so predictable. A lot more goes into creating these videos than anyone would initially think about. And the frustrating part is… the average watch time is still only a couple of minutes… Where is the love and appreciation when I really need it…?!

Does anyone want to be my YmF assistant? 😀

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