Harlem exploration and a virtual baby shower in between

Today, Chris and I went exploring in Harlem and went to the only remaining location of what used to be the soup dumpling spot just two blocks away from us (Thanks, COVID!), an Asian-inspired tea spot, a Southern restaurant whose speciality was fried chicken and egg nog waffles, and a fine-dining spot for snacks and fusion-cocktails (mmmmm, mango lassi and rum). In between, we sat at the tea and dumpling spots so that I could virtually participate in my friend’s baby shower over Zoom. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be since it was all virtual with over 30 participants in Group 1, many of whom did not know each other at all or very well, but it actually was smoother than I thought it would be. We did introductions, went through some games, and also guessed the circumference of my friend’s growing belly. What made it kind of hilarious was when people started pointing out that her husband’s belly is just as round, and someone asked him to measure his belly too; his belly was only half an inch bigger than hers! He shared that neighbors were concerned about his health and suggested that he lose weight. Apparently his parents have told him the same.

We’re all getting older, and with that comes a slower metabolism and likely a more sedentary lifestyle. I hope for their future child’s sake that they’ll take good care of their own individual physical health and try to get more exercise and eat better. We owe that, at the very least, to our future generations.

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