Eating through Brooklyn

Every Saturday since the city started opening up, we’ve been exploring other neighborhoods across, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, and it’s inevitably been a bit of a food crawl through the boroughs. Today, we went from eating focaccia to tacos to Colombian soup and empanada to Indian-inspired ice cream — all walking distance, all within 16,000 steps. It was a delicious and eclectic food crawl which even included quite a bit more street art for photos and videos.

Part of me wonders if the pandemic’s silver lining is that it’s forced us to explore our own backyard a bit more. I’m constantly reading and bookmarking new restaurants, cafes, and businesses to check out in neighborhoods across all five boroughs, yet we never feel like we have enough time to see them all. Now, we’re actually doing just that. And it’s been really enjoyable. Sure, it would be more fun if we could actually sit inside and really enjoy some of the restaurants’ decor, but we’ve been patronizing them and seeing these others areas we generally spend little to no time in, and I think it’s been a blessing in disguise to a degree.

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