The simple things resonate the most

So I don’t have a *ton* of data to support this based on all the work I’ve been doing to support YmF via social media, but what seems to be the resonating theme across what gets the most engagement and interaction is that the simpler something is, the more it seems to garner intrigue. When I first made my lavender syrup for coffee video, I never really imagined it being my most-watched video for the last year. And today, when I posted a couple short Instagram stories about making chai, or Indian spiced tea, I was surprised by the number of direct messages I received regarding how I make mine, what spices do I use, what proportion of milk to water do I use, what tea brand do I recommend?

To me, chai is one of the most basic preparations and something that, since the pandemic began, I’ve been making about once a week, if not more. It’s a delicious, soothing, rich (but not “bad” for you) treat that feels like an indulgence because of how all the flavors meld into a luxurious drink, but it’s insanely simple to prepare. My default and favorite version just has two spices: fresh smashed ginger and whole green cardamom pods, along with a 1:1 ratio of water to milk (usually cow or Oatly) along with some Dilmah Ceylon tea bags. After having many different kinds, I realized this was my very, very favorite while in India, and it’s also known as “Bombay chai.” Occasionally I’ll throw in a cinnamon stick, some fennel seeds, and a whole clove, but ginger and cardamom are my two loves in chai.

Chai time is like self-care time for so many. I hope that I can convey how easy it is to make so many things that people think are a reach for them, but just take a few ingredients and 10-15 minutes to make like this.

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