Wine tasting and lunch outside

After the grueling hike up the mountain on Friday morning, we visited a winery for wine tasting and lunch. Because we’re not allowed to be indoors due to COVID-19, the winery has set up lots of outdoor tables for wine tastings as well as lunch (provided by seemingly another local restaurant with wood-fired ovens just steps away). The seating overlooks vineyards as well as the water. While we did our wine tasting outdoors, ate the local pizza and enjoyed a cheese plate, I thought a lot about all the travel that we had to give up this year: Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Ecuador, Kerala, Sri Lanka…. and I thought, well, none of those places are going anywhere. They all have their own COVID-19 restrictions. Everyone is trying to manage with this virus in every way they can. So if that means we need to explore more locally and enjoy what’s in our backyard like beautiful places like this, then that’s not a problem. These are the new local pleasures we will have to pursue until the world opens up to us.

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