Metro North

When I went to see my dentists at their Yonkers location yesterday, it was actually my very first time ever on Metro North. I’d been to Grand Central Station so many times taking the east side trains and also just as a tourist stop for photos, but never to actually take a train out of the city until yesterday. It was… completely underwhelming. Just to take an old, crappy train to a destination that would take about 20 minutes to drive out of the city, it cost me $17.50 for the round-trip ticket. Yonkers really isn’t that far away; if I were to go during peak hours when the trains would have limited stops, it could take as little as 15 minutes from Grand Central. Not to mention that because I went early in the afternoon during “non-peak” hours, the trains were running only once each hour, so if I were to miss a train, I’d have to wait an entire 60 minutes for the next one to leave, which is pretty terrible.

This evening, we had a family chat with Chris’s parents and brother, and his dad said that they had seen my Instagram stories noting that I visited Yonkers the previous day. So they asked what the highlights were. Well, I got picked up and dropped off right at the Yonkers train station, and the area where it was… I wouldn’t even say it was a real town. There was nothing even remotely exciting about the area. It just seemed like an average, working class town. There were a couple of chain restaurants, a local library, two banks, a few shops, and that was really it. Even though my dentists have an office they actually own in Yonkers, they themselves have never really explored the town at all; they even got lost on their way back to the office from the train station picking me up, and they’ve owned this office for nearly two decades! If they don’t even care to explore it after all this time, I guess that means I’ll never really see it myself, either.

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