No-churn homemade mango ice cream

A few years ago as a birthday present, Chris’s brother gave me a single scoop ice cream maker. It is literally a bowl that you freeze, and once you add your ice cream mixture to it, you constantly rub the mixture against the frozen bowl, and that creates the “churn” that makes the cream into iced cream. Well, that wasn’t particularly efficient given I literally had to make the equivalent of one scoop a day to get to my full batch over the course in 1.5 weeks, but it was still tasty: the only homemade ice cream (strawberry) I’d ever made. Chris wasn’t satisfied with the total lack of efficiency, so I haven’t used it since.

Then, with all the nearly overripe mangoes we’ve been accumulating in the last week, I decided to figure out another mango dessert to make with the puree, and I came across a recipe on the Milk and Cardamom blog for no-churn mango ice cream. You basically whip up heavy cream and fold in mango puree into it, then freeze the mixture for a few hours, then blend it up in a blender to get nice, creamy scoops. I changed up the recipe by adding in two teaspoons of warmed milk and a half teaspoon of crushed saffron with a pinch of sugar. It’s currently freezing in the freezer right now, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. You can’t really go wrong with mangoes, cream, a squeeze of lime, a tablespoon of sugar, a touch of milk and some decadent saffron, right?

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