Same ol’ same ol’ every weekend

“What are we going to do this weekend?” Chris asked aloud. It was more a rhetorical question because literally every single weekend since shelter-in-place began, we’ve been doing the exact same things: cooking, cleaning, watching different shows/movies on Netflix/Showtime/HBO/YouTube, reading, shooting and editing videos, taking walks, buying groceries. The most exciting thing that ever happens on the weekends now is if we have a video call with a friend or family member, or if our handyman decides to come buy for a drink if he’s free.

I realized that given how poorly the federal government has handled COVID-19 that for the very first time, our lives, as in our two lives, have been directly impacted by the the idiot in the White House. President Dipshit has done a lot of terrible things over the course of the last 3.5 years, but our lives were never directly impacted. Our ability to work, travel, live our usual lives, has never been impacted.. until now. First, he denied the virus was an issue. Then, he constantly called it the “Chinese virus” and blamed China. Then, he encouraged people to NOT shelter in place and to ignore their state governments. The entire country was a complete cluster, a laughing stock of the world. If our government actually had a handle of this virus and handled it correctly, perhaps we’d actually be able to enter a travel bubble with other countries. But nope. The entire world sees our country has dirty and has travel bans for everyone with a U.S. passport. Thanks, President Dipshit, for ruining our ability to travel and be free.

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