Walking aimlessly

It’s been over three months of being on lockdown here in New York for us. We’ve gotten restaurant and groceries delivered. We’ve made weekly trips to different grocery stores. We’ve walked north, south, east, and west. We’ve walked all the way down to Manhattan Chinatown. We’ve taken the subway only twice with our groceries from lower Manhattan to be good citizens and stay off the subway. We walked in Central Park today, which Chris bemoaned since he runs there every weekday morning and is sick of it.

“You can just tell that people are walking around here aimlessly,” he grumbled.

That’s probably true. People are walking for the sake of walking, to get out of their cramped apartments and to get some fresh outdoor air. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to walk aimlessly, though. It could allow us to think more freely, to think without distractions. My daily weekly days have been done while catching up with colleagues and friends over the phone, listening to different podcasts and audio books. It’s been a lot of productive activity, but even though it’s different content and different people, it’s been a bit redundant. Who knows what “normal” even looks like anymore, and how that will be redefined in the coming weeks. But it still just feels so bleak.

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