Last year in Guatape. This year, home.

This is our first Memorial Day weekend not traveling as far as I can remember. Last year, we were in Colombia, and on this specific Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we were exploring the colorful town of Guatape two hours outside of Medellin and climbing up this big tower overlooking the gorgeous bright blue Guatape lake. Two years ago for Memorial Day weekend, we were in Oaxaca and Mexico City. In 2017, we explored Nova Scotia. In 2016, we were hiking through Zion and Bryce National Parks in southern Utah. In 2015, we explored Ohio and Kentucky with Chris’s parents. In 2014, we traveled to upstate New York and the Adirondacks with his parents, and in 2013, we went to the Pacific Northwest and saw Seattle and Portland. During our long weekends, we are usually traveling and exploring somewhere, eating different food, seeing different sights. This was an adjustment for us. Yes, this whole thing screams privilege, but that was what we were used to. And now, we have no travel to look forward to, and the only reason to go outside seems to be to go to Central Park, which we already do every single day.

My manager keeps telling me that I need to take time off to rest and unwind, recharge, refuel. But again, I’m already doing all the things I want to be doing – cooking more, video editing, reading, listening to podcasts, organizing and cleaning up the apartment… what else is there to do? What more can I do without being able to do the things I love most? Yes, we’re lucky that we’re healthy, have a safe place to live, have enough food, are still gainfully employed.. but what do we look forward to now, even during long holiday weekends? Does this even count as a “holiday weekend”?

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