Billions dream

During quarantine, we’ve started watching a few new short series on Netflix (Taco Chronicles was pretty delicious, and it was fun to think that the taco was actually talking to us), but one new show we started watching on Showtime has been Billions. I wasn’t sure I was going to like a show about greedy people who work at hedge funds, but I was quickly proven wrong when I met the characters and realized how well written they were. The character development is very nuanced and real. Like in real life, I don’t really fully like or dislike any of the characters; there are things to love and hate about all of them. One of the characters I have yet to fully decide on is Taylor, who was an intern at Axe Capital and is now working on a contract week to week since she thought at the end of her internship, she’d leave for grad school. I actually had a dream about her, that she was trying to win me over, and to attempt to do this, she offered to take me out to any restaurant I wanted to visit. I insisted it didn’t need to be extremely expensive or fancy, and she insisted back that it was her treat, and any place was on the table. Even if I didn’t think we could get a reservation, she’d work connections and make it happen.

Then, I woke up. That’s the life of having a crap ton of money, huh? Money and connections just open all doors for you, and nothing is out of your reach?

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