When no one wants Americans coming

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is pretty bleak. Our country is full of incompetent politicians and people, eager to believe conspiracy theories and to compare the COVID-19 deaths to the deaths of people who suffer heart disease or strokes. They do not realize that lives actually matter, and that to compare saving lives with saving the economy is a false equivalency. And I realize that while I hate the current administration and all the enablers that allow President Dipshit’s lies and moronic ways to continue, the pandemic has actually restricted my day to day life, preventing me from doing the big and little things I love: going to the gym, grabbing coffee with a colleague, meeting a friend for dinner at a restaurant, traveling, whether for work or pleasure, exploring new cultures. We can’t even hug people anymore. It’s all on pause for who knows how long, and we have this orange incompetent loser to thank for all this. And for the foreseeable future, no one will want dirty Americans entering their countries for fear that we are carrying the virus and will infect their people. And why should they want us given the terrible way we’ve responded as a nation and how selfish and short-sighted we have been? Trump got the wall he wanted between the U.S. and Mexico, though it’s an invisible wall where actually, Mexico would want to enforce it because they don’t want us coming over and infecting their people. Anyone who could possibly support this administration in the current situation is completely dead to me.

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