Two Bros pizza

Two Bros pizza is one of New York City’s most famous. When I say that, I do not mean that it’s considered the best, the most loved, or of the highest quality ingredients, but that New Yorkers know it for being the cheapest, most reliable, and consistent slice. At no other pizza spot can you get a $1 slice of pizza, and add another dollar, a soda for the “recession lunch special.” The pizza is not quite “New York style” in that it’s not extremely thin, but it’s not too thick either, and no one would mistaken it for deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. The tomato sauce is passable, the cheese is okay. The ingredients are fine. The pizza can easily and frugally satisfy a pizza craving a city known for pizza.

Chris had a pizza craving on Friday, so we decided to get Two Bros pizza delivered from the limited number of pizza places that would deliver to us. He wasn’t sure how large they would be, so he ordered two. Two massive pizzas were delivered to our front door, which was likely enough for about 8-10 people to eat. It was really overwhelming to open the boxes and see the large mushroom pizza and the large meat and vegetable pizza. The pizza quality was better than I last remembered it: the meat was tasty, the sausage was spicy, the crust was chewy and slightly crisp; the mushrooms were definitely canned, though. This is what you can expect from Two Bros.

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